Extreme Energy Shifts

Lately I’ve been experiencing extreme energy shifts, sometimes physically painful (almost in a stabbing way) throughout most notably at the central point just below my chest and extending left and right. When I am able to ground myself deeply I am able to clear some of this energetic pain out but at the same time it feels as if the energy is pulling against my body and the division from my physical body is extremely heavy. I am unable to clear this energy without clear set breathing and a strong sense of connection to nature. I belief it is kundalini energy but would like some advice if you have any ?


Sounds like a Heart chakra opening to me, does it feel like a tightness, heavy or uncomfortable friction like energy just below your chest? If so that is definitely a heart chakra opening. This tightness is caused from a block in our heart chakra, when we start to acknowledge this energy, we are picking up on how our heart needs to change. I notice sometimes during these shifts we experience heart openings and closing feeling almost to filter out those old energies in the making to embrace the new. Kundalini is very powerful and it goes hand in hand with the energy body so most definitely it’s a kundalini awakening. The heart is a very important piece in terms of awakening because it the bridge between our lower chakra and our higher chakras. If the heart is blocked we cannot fully access our higher chakras in a balanced way, it can create throat/third eye/crown imbalances as well.

The heart chakra is all about love and forgiveness. Love of ourselves, love of others, our relationships, the ability to forgive and our intuitive ability to FEEL empathy for others. It’s a big one.

The heart creates the merkabah, the vehicle of understanding and most importantly it creates unconditional love.

Here is a list of Heart chakra blocks: http://carlamary.net/Heartchakrablock.html


Rose quartz and Jade are also good friends during Heart shifts <3

I hope this helps

much love and healing to you <3


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  1. mansi punia 5 years ago

    I am new to all of this, and, well, I’m only 16. In the past few days some experiences which are entirely beyond my understanding have been happening with me. For starters, I’ve literally ruined my body clock. I get up and fall asleep at odd times.
    Then, when I do get up, it takes me a lot of time to adjust to what’s going on around. At times, I don’t feel sleepy when I wake up, I’m not tired, yet I’m too tired to do anything.

    This, perhaps, can be expected. And I’m not worried about it. But what’s freaking me out is the fact that I see purple light around me whenever I close my eyes. At times I ‘see’ air. And yes, I’ve been listening to an inner voice for about three months now (Kind of enjoy it, though)
    And lastly, I’ve been suffering from a SEVERE backpain for the past week.
    And today I stumbled upon this website.
    I’m sorry if I sound confused, but I am really perplexed. What is this all happening all of a sudden?
    It would be a relief to get a reply, really.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Author
      Ash 5 years ago

      Hi Mansi, I can understand your confusion. It’s interesting to me that it seems like it’s a pattern where much younger people are also starting to awaken at a faster rate in time. i tend to get that a lot actually. The severe backpain could be kundaini related but it’s hard to say for certain, if this is a problem that doesn’t go away definitely get check out just in case.

      In general it sounds like you’re on the cusp of awakening or in the process of a spiritual awakening. seeing air is probably better known as seeing the energy that exists all around us. It’s a bit frightening at first because this is something outside of your normal everyday experiences. We are energy beings and our reality is made entirely of energy, when we start becoming aware of these subtle patterns we begin to “awaken” to this new world that exists within our consciousness. I like to think it’s like getting in touch with your subconscious or right brain more and more. Purple light could be a sign of the Crown or third eye chakra.

      i am not sure if you checked out the kundalini awakening symptoms list but that might also shed some light for you: https://theawakenedstate.net/kundalini-awakening/symptoms-of-awakening/

      It’s usually not a coincidence that you found me, I’m sure you’re on the process of something amazing! Honor these feelings as they come, work on understanding your intuition and I would work on researching more about spiritual awakening. You may find more truth in what you’re experiencing by starting to focus more on what is a spiritual awakening and why they come up. Also listen within to your higher self which is guiding you. As a young soul, this process may be difficult at first but when you’re able to understand it, your mind will stand expanding and being more comfortable with what is happening to you. I hope this helps

      love <3

      • mansi punia 5 years ago

        Thanks a lot for the reply!!☺
        Needless to say I guess, your article about the symptoms almost had me spitting my food out while I read it! As for the backpain, it comes and goes. It’s kinda confusing, because nothing’s medically wrong with me.(I got it checked)

        Now that I read it, I recalled an incident worth mentioning, because it still perplexes me. In 2014 (the year I turned 15), I had a sudden case of classical migraine attacks- the ones which accompany an ‘aura’ with them. In my case it was a blurred, foggy and slightly shifting vision in one eye, half an hour before a mad headache.

        Now what’s confusing about it is that classical migraine is really a hereditary disease, the chances of getting it due to environmental factors is ridiculously small, and in my family history NOBODY ever had it. The second thing is that there is no cure for it, medically. Well, it went away as soon as it had come- just after two severe attacks. Since then, I never had an aura (though at times I do see rainbow colours, which I suppose everyone does), and I get fewer headaches. I really do wonder now, whether it’s connected with what I feel now.

        I’m sorry to bother you so much, but to be honest, I didn’t quite get what is meant by ‘Kundalini’, would you mind sending a link which tells about it and the Chakras as well?

        Once again, Thank you for an early response..????

        • Author
          Ash 5 years ago

          Of course! That’s really interesting about the ocular migraines, I see them definitely as connecting towards spiritual awakening and seeing energy. Often when I get a headache, i will have open or closed eye visuals. this is something that happens all the time for me, i’ve gotten checked out and i’m totally healthy. So it’s very possible they relate. Always be open towards questioning.

          I have an entire section on kundalini here that goes into the history, cultural and how it influences us: https://theawakenedstate.net/kundalini-awakening/

          I also have a page on chakras, although you can learn a lot about them through various books & online. Here is the guideline for how they are connected towards our energy body and psyche. Learning about the chakras changed my life and opened up a whole new world of discovery. They’re very fascinating. https://theawakenedstate.net/chakras/

          love and blessings <3

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