April’s Talk: Mental Illness Isn’t Real

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine and her friend regarding a post I’d posted on Twitter.

I am very passionate about animal rights. I’m a vegetarian working on vegan and don’t ever purchase any animal tested products or anything like that. I had recently seen one of those sick posts fly past my Instagram with makeup companies testing on stray dogs and cats.

I tweeted something like: “If you’re a human being who buys clothes and makeup and stuff: stop buying shit that’s tested on animals”.

A friend retweeted, and her friend basically said, “So I can’t buy clothes now?” And we got into a debate regarding grammar, literal interpretation, lack of generalization and common sense.  How punctuation is necessary and people go very literally based on what’s typed and there’s no room or error, or questions for clarification.

It’s worth noting that I am almost 30. These two girls are 18-19.

They’re stuck in the generation of the mental illnesses.

My friend, she deals with anxiety, panic attacks and depression. She sits on her phone almost literally 24/7, and doesn’t really go out with friends or anything. Stays inside, sits online.

I don’t know anything about her friend, but same generation.

I watched a documentary the other night titled ‘The Marketing of Madness’ that I strongly urge everyone to check out. Ever since I recovered on my own without medication and therapy from severe depression, suicidal thoughts, self injury and addiction… I’ve agreed with the notion that mental illnesses aren’t real.

I think others that find spirituality and different things like the law of attraction, simple collective consciousness, oneness, vibrations and choosing a frequency. We understand that mental illness is a very false thing.

It’s a cloud, these illnesses, created by marketing agencies and pharmaceutical companies to make money. If you research, most drugs for mental illnesses were created and THEN they sat down and came up with a ‘mental illness’ from the DSM to go with it.

So now, with all that going on, hoping they think of it as a disease so it can really be medicated, there is all these problems.

Everyone has dark moments. Some of us here REALLY feel that, myself included. Everyone emotes and has horrible days and amazing days.

But instead of setting these people up with real tools to manage these things or rid them themselves of them… they’re drugged. Or sent to a little mental health screening or group which are regulated by the pharmaceutical companies too.

So it’s my pondering this evening that when that happens, there’s all the sense safeguards around everything… no one feels upset anymore. Ever. Or rarely. Everything someone does that creates anything other than joy becomes harassment or bullying.

I think it’s gone too far.

So because these kids aren’t made to just flow and understand shit and told to ‘work it out’ and they’re all catered to it creates a zero emotional immune system.

They can’t even pull the general message from a Twitter statement from a friend. They have to pick it apart and analyze. And when they do, they can’t understand how that could potentially be a small bit offensive to someone because their social interactions around events such as those are gone. They don’t really have them, or if they do, the questions are posed by a ‘bully’.

Everyone these days is so ready to be offended and upset.

Why can’t we be ready to be uplifted?

Why are people always waiting for their ‘mental illness’ to join them?

To me, it’s starting to seem like something that’s really screwing people out of their normality and create more serious problems.

Why isn’t the fact that they’re beautiful light beings who have all the power inside themselves ever marketed?

Why isn’t meditation and affirmations more told? Shown? Taught?

Binaural Beats? Or a list of all possibly psychic abilities that may be then real goings on?
YES. Be sick. You’re mentally ill. It’s a disease. Here, take some medication for your disease.

I know it was so hard to fix myself, but I did it. It’s possible. I know it is.

Some other people out there do, too.

So I pondered how one really lives in the decision that analyzing everything is more beneficial and more purposeful than flowing & general human relationship skills like understanding and not being literal…

…then I realized these kids haven’t ever known that stuff. And these damn phones and shit don’t help.

We’re failing people because of this.

Well… we aren’t. But…”they” are.

You have the power inside yourself to do absolutely anything you say you will.

When you know that, the whole world is yours.


What are some of your thoughts on Mental Illness? Share in the comments

April Washko
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  1. Siddharth Gundecha 4 years ago

    Biased view. Brain changes are detectable in serious mental illness on various imaging techniques. It has a definite biological and physical component. Medications are necessary to ameliorate symptoms and reduce biological dysfunction. Life feeds on life is a reality of nature. I appreciate we need to be compassionate with all living beings. But lower forms sacrifice for higher forms. So eating vegetables does not mean we are cruel with plants and murder them. That applies to animals also. All geographical areas of earth do not grow plants needed for food and animal food may be essential for survival. Human beings need to be given priority over other beings when it comes to survival. Efforts should be directed and minimizing suffering of all beings. We can’t entirely abolish it.

  2. 8Gaby8 4 years ago

    Having gone through many years (ages 13-28 to be exact) of being labeled
    as mentally ill and being unnecessarily medicated, I also have learned
    to let go of this false label and am living my life happily (and sanely)
    with out it. Thank you for sharing this April, it feels good to know
    there are more people thinking alike!

  3. Mathew 3 years ago

    I understand now that I have seen both sides, what you are talking about, but I think I can explain. Many people hold a drive toward perfection. They hold themselves to insanely high standards, and believe if everyone does, the world would be a perfect place. If no one ran stop signs, there would be no accidents related to people not paying attention and running stop signs, for example. Studies show over 60% of people dont use their turn signals when changing lanes, and this is known to be a major cause of accidents. The same can be said for linguistics, sciences, and mathematics as you state for mental illness. If people cared enough to apply themselves, they could learn anything, so why shouldnt they? I have spent my life wrapped up in this stuff. I still care very much about personal actions when relating to other people. Some of these kids dont have the job markets we are used to, they spend their lives competing to be the best just to buy enough food to eat. They see people working in mcdonalds demanding more money than they make, and they spend their lives gaining education even though they also feel they are not the type of people who can do it. The world is failing everyone here, it is putting so much stress on people that if they take a break and sit back, they drown. Again, I see both points here, and actually lean toward your side now. Its not worth it. It can get you immense material things, I am a senior controls engineer…but could I have also been one if I had laid off the perfectionism? I dont know. But I can say it also was not worth it. It led me to what I see here called a dark night of the soul, so massive that even death didnt seem like an escape. Granted, I had much more, including childhood abuse, and massive guilt throughout life to work out, but my point still stands. Anyway I am rambling, but thank you for your post!!

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