Birth Control, What is your take?


This might sound very weird just FYI. 
I noticed this just yesterday.. when I had my first spiritual awakening (it was very intense and amazing) I was on birth control pills. I was off of the pills for a while and I noticed I had more auto pilot thoughts. I didn’t feel as spiritual and I cared more about my appearance and superficial things. Now I am back on them and I already feel more spiritual and awakened. I want to be closer to nature and I’m reading about social injustices again (I did this a lot when I first felt awakened). I didn’t notice this until just yesterday. Do you have any idea why this might be? I feel like it should be the other way around considering the pills aren’t natural.

— eleby

This could be a classic case of everyone’s body is different, however this really struck me because i had a very strange response with bc pills myself. I’ve had a more negative response than positive but it could just solemnly  depend on your body.  I experienced out of body experiences  involuntary, i also had suicidal thoughts and i fully couldn’t focus on any task it was like i was very disconnected from my body. I found out later because i didn’t have a gallbladder i could of killed myself from them because they were very harsh on my body’s nervous system. However it is truly different for anyone, your experience and my experience are entirely different. For me it put me more out of sync not less which is interesting. I wonder do other girls feel the same as her? 

Contraceptive pills are like putting synthetic hormones within our body that basically trick your body so that it thinks your pregnant. The release of oestrogen and progestogen within the pill suppresses ovulation and thus you prevent an egg from being released. Psychologically the pill messes with the limbic system which affects mood and memory but also the limbic system interconnects into the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. As we all know hormones connect into the endocrine system and the endocrine system is interconnected to our chakra/energy system and so forth. So Birth control can have an effect on your energy body and most definitely can/will trigger a kundalini type response. In many ways i feel like that was part of a trigger into understanding my subconscious in other ways i feel it was a teacher. So maybe in that sense this is what it was for you as well.

Just be careful, i have read soo many terrible things about the pill, it affects your mood, your sex drive, you can become addicted to it, it can alter your hormone responses and it can affect your memory. Which might explain the feeling of being on auto-pilot when you were off of it, it  can create withdrawal symptoms as well. Really research into it especially as something as important that is affecting your brain chemistry and chemical responses. I know girls who don’t have anything wrong happen and they are find on the pill but I just say use caution and trust your intuition. I personally cannot do it,  I felt so out of tune with myself and my cycle, that is one thing that gives me the spooks because i seriously felt like a disconnected sociopath on the stuff but that could be from being massively sensitive and having a different body reaction. I also did psychedelics around that time so that also could of been a factor it’s truly hard to say. Your body response could be entirely different but like all things it’s best to research especially if you are starting to notice “Changes” either positive or negative.  Research. Research. Research. 

I’m curious to hear others opinions and thoughts on birth control

Hope this helps you 

love <3


p.s. I do want to mention whether you are on pills or not, A spiritual awakening is still a Spiritual awakening, it could of triggered a response but once you’re awakened you never go back to the way you were before 😉



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