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Separation and the Illusions of Fear

Separation and the Ilusions of Fear - The Awakened State.

Happy All Hallow’s Eve! Devil’s night full of mischief, mayhem and a dark night of the new moon. This is  great time for divination, intention work and magick! Already feeling the energy of halloween in the air. We began this mini discussion with talking about fears in the spirit...


Why I Stopped Believing in Negative Entities

Why I stopped Believing in Negative Entities

Continuing with our fear discussion – We’re dissecting some of the fears people have about the spirit world. The worst one that causes the most paranoia and cognitive dissonance is our fear of negative entities. In fact when I was a child, I was terribly afraid of ghosts. Our...


Sleep Paralysis: Why We’re Triggered By Fear

Sleep Paralysis - Why We're Triggered by Fear. - The Awakened State

As Halloween is coming up, many of us have ghosts, spirits, negative entities, scary movies and most of all Fear-consciousness on the brain. I love Halloween it always has a very magical energy that’s hard to describe. I thought this would be a fun change of pace for Halloween....


The Art of Channeling Fact Vs. Fiction

The Art of Channeling: Fact Vs. Fiction

Whenever you hear the term channeling, it is often either a  mystery or sounds a bit bizarre like someone is possessed for fun. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reason we fall into this level of thinking is that we are driven by fear instead of faith....


Psychic Series: You See What You Want to See

I got to sit down with my friend and amazing professional psychic medium Wendy Piepenburg for my YouTube series ‘The Magic Of’. I wanted to share the info with Wendy with all of you, & I thought there’s no better way than the video itself! We have two parts...



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