Frequently. Asked. Questions.

In case anyone is confused on joining or what happens in the community here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens in the Membership Community?

Inside the community, it works like a social network. You can add friends, private message, join groups of your interest, create topics within the various forums or even share a thought with us in your activity feed. It’s a community focused on spiritual awakening and connecting with like-minded people inside The Awakened State. For more details check out: Opening the Doors to our New Membership Site

Do I have to pay for anything?

Right now everything is entirely free to join and set up everything on your own terms. In the future we may have different levels of membership but right now everything is completely free.

How Do I register and is the site secure?

You can Register here: Join the Community here
Our site has a few security methods, we encourage a strong username and password so your account doesn’t get hacked. We also have a SSL certificate so your information stays secure.

If I’m not logged in, can I still post?

The forum is set up to be public so you can see topics but you cannot post unless you are logged in as a member.

How do I create a Topic?

Most forums such as Astral Projection, Indigo & Crystal Children, etc. are inside of  individual Groups so to post a topic, you join the groups that interest you and then you’re able to easily submit a topic right away. There is a button located on the cover photo, you click this to join a group or leave a group. Other forums such as the Main Community forum and General Questions & Concerns are open forums all you do is click on the forum, write a topic, add tags of your choice and submit. Easy peezy.

Do I have to leave all my information or messages visible?

No, not at all you can choose to set up how you want your profile to be viewed. You can mark items as private or even just use the private message button if you wish to have your privacy between members.

What do I do If i’m being harassed?

Stop responding to them and Contact us immediately so we can ban the member. This is in our general rules and we do not tolerate anything like this within our community. If you hear or see anything suspicious please contact us.

How Do I edit my profile?

Under your profile there is a tab that says “edit” this is where you can edit your basic information such as your bio, profile picture, cover image, etc. You can change your profile visibility within the general setting tab “profile visibility”

How Do I disable my notifications?

In the general settings panel under “email” you can uncheck all notifications you would not like to receive to your email address

How Do I change my email or password?

This is also in the general settings tab. You can easily change your password or email.

Why does it ask for my address in settings?

This is a feature of the theme, in the future when we have products this is where you will be able to change your billing address. It is not necessary to fill out, just ignore this.


For Further Questions or Support:

Contact us on our support page.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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