How to Know If I’m Energy Conscious

How to Know I'm Energy Conscious

Being body conscious is one thing that makes people cringe, however on the different spectrum, how do we know if we’re being Energy conscious of our mind, body and soul?

Being Energy conscious is really about cultivating a practice of Listening within but it’s ohhhh so much more than that.


  • How are we listening to our body
  • How we are listening to our energy & mental space
  • How we are engaging with our surroundings
  • How we are mentally expressing ourselves
  • How we are disciplining our mind, body and spirit towards well-being.

This is something that is like a guide book towards your personal experiences and how you wish to live your life. If you’re not conscious of your energy, you’re letting yourself fall into auto-pilot.

We spend so much of our time focusing on all these little even tedious external things like making sure our hair is in the right place that we often neglect our internal workhouse.

Your internal workhouse is the foundation container that puts your energy into place. If you think about a house, if you didn’t have a foundation, walls or a roof, we’d all just kinda be living like cavemen out in the wild. You need a firm energetic foundation to build and strength your internal home. This starts by understanding your focus and intuition, the feeling space.


The start of developing a Focused Intuition is about learning to Be Clear. 

You have to be a Receptive channel – an empty vessel ready to take in the art of allowing.

This is why we get overworked, stressed and have writer’s block, you’re overthinking the idea of it.

The best analogy I can give is imagine a pool of water that is so clear you can see the reflection of the other side within it, the trees, clouds and even yourself. Now when you’re overthinking, the water is muddy, murky because someone keeps splashing and creating tidal waves in your still pond. We need to Find the stillness by learning to be clear. Breathe and let go, push through the mind chatter by surrender.

Being energy conscious allows us to recognize patterns towards our physical and mental health. It’s interesting how these patterns create mechanisms into not only how we see ourselves but also how they start projecting out into our world.


Your Internal workhouse  icon-arrow-right  Strong Emotional & Energetic Connection to Higher Self


These patterns often show up in different ways we express ourselves, but they are also guided to us through different layers of our psyche.

Going through these questions are a core link towards well-being, having a stable energy and learning to be more conscious of your energy even if you are just starting out on this journey!

How to Know If I'm Energy Conscious



If you are not grounded proficiently chances are you spend a lot of your day in a fight/flight response to fear, worry and paranoia. You are probably guided moreso on SURVIVAL mode, playing it safe, avoiding stepping outside of the box and think about the future a lot. You also are obsessed with money, have trouble financially or HATE the idea of money.

Did I strike a chord?

If you are ruled by fear, you MUST be grounded to let go of Fear.

People stuck on not being firmed rooted usually have immune deficiency, eating disorders, ruled by fear constantly, have trouble financially, have frequent anxiety and feel dissociated from the world.

The first step of having a firm foundation is being rooted into the earth and connected to the material world. The best way to ground is EATTING PROTEINS. Yes the number one focus on being ungrounded is usually due to hunger, fasting and poor diet. The second is CONNECTION. If we don’t feel connected, this manifests as a Root issue. The third is FAMILY, if you have poor relationships with your biological roots, you don’t have a foundation to stand on.


We’re going personal, sorry not sorry 🙂 If you are sexually frustrated, you’re stuck in a cycle or resisting something not to mention you are probably irritable, grumpy or get annoyed at simple things. There I said it.

Kundalini is naturally a sexual energy, the root of kundalini is connected to our sacrum the triangular bone at the base of the spine. If you are not satisfied sexually this can manifest into your reality in the form of fear of intimacy, hatred towards relationships/love, guilt/making others guilty, shame, reproductive illnesses/disorders or emotional trauma from childhood.

And I’m not even talking necessarily about romantic relationships, I’m talking about the sexual relationship with yourself.

Keeping your Kundalini fire in check through orgasm will bring you to a point of releasing and absolute surrender.

Orgasm brings clarity, release and can bring us in connection with our divine higher self. Energy needs to be released and Orgasm is one of the best ways to surrender, rising up that kundalini fire. There is a lot of taboo about sexuality in general. If you’re not loving yourself sexually, you’re not accepting all facets of you period. Orgasm also induces oxytocin, the love chemical and sends your body full of endorphins which reduce pain in the body. It’s immune-boosting, stress-reducing and naturally brings us back to JOY.

Make love to your inner God/Goddess for RELEASEMENT and JOY


Do you frequently feel powerless or as if life is dragging you like a puppet with strings? This is because you need to start taking the reigns back. If you don’t like something change it. So many in the new age circles exclaim, X, Y, or Z is keeping them prisoner of their own reality and I’m here to tell you that line of thinking is not only dishonoring yourself, it’s a bullshit belief that is hindering your will power.

Not to mention your awesome potential for stepping into being a creator of your experiences.

If you don’t feel in control of your circumstances, this can manifest in the form of self-pity, feeling directionless, digestive disorders, toxic possessive relationships, hardy Ego problems{ITS ABOUT ME} or despair.

If this is your issue, realize you are guiding the ship my cosmic warrior you! Yes you. If you are stuck, you need to find a way to get unstuck, contemplate what beliefs are holding you back and how are you personally hindering yourself. Be assertive towards who you are and embrace your personal power by taking control of your life. The better question to ask yourself is what can I change and how can I start creating better experiences?

You got this.


Are you the person who over-analyzes your girl/boyfriends motives about 50 times or that sentence someone wrote you that felt tinged with spite even though you’re not really for sure? You play that sentence or scenario in your head over and over. Stop taking it personally. When we are overthinking things, we are not flowing with the cosmic rhythm. You compare, over-analyze, mistrust and are entirely mislead in the illusion of separation.

We need to stop making things overly complicated. Play it simple.

When we allow ourselves to intuitively *feel* it comes without knowing, it comes to us like magic. When we’re able to continuously keep returning to the *feeling* space, we operate from love instead of fear. This is because we are present with ourselves.

When we over-think you’re throwing yourself off course into no-man’s land of delusions.

The best way to start entering the *feeling* space more is by being clear and releasing the mind chatter through inner stillness. This is all about staying present instead of letting your thoughts over run you. Detach yourself from your thoughts, think of them like the wind you don’t have to let it blow you down, if you stay firmly still in silence.


Are you being truthful to yourself and honoring your voice? When we’re not true to ourselves, we tend to hide behind various masks, we wear different faces, we coat ourselves in false perceptions that aren’t authentic. This can manifest into our reality through lies we tell ourselves, never speaking out, communication issues in our relationships and lack of creativity. Being energy conscious of our voice is really about realizing you are one unique snowflake but is your reality mirroring that?

Often many of us are embarrassed, hiding or pretending to be someone we’re not.

Stay authentically you by being yourself and honoring the voice you project into the world. Some ways you can do this is by learning to speak your mind instead of conforming to society, being open about your dreams and desires with other people, using your voice to help others and spread your wisdom with the world. Stop hiding, we’re everywhere 😉


If you are not listening within on a daily basis, you are constantly ignoring the message you need to hear. This can manifest in the form of being ridiculously indecisive, asking others constantly for advice, doing tarot 5 times a week searching for a sign, or merely not listening to your intuition.

Are you *really* paying attention?

There are signs and symbols all around us guiding us on our path. When we’re able to step back and listen, those subtle patterns start showing themselves like a glowing screen in your life. Things like numerology, deja vu patterns, repeated scenarios or various synchronicity are not to be ignored as coincidence. These are signs to get you to look within and listen.

Listening within is also about listening to your higher self and the divine guidance you can easily tap into by hearing your inner voice. When we’re able to connect with our inner mind, we’re connecting to source energy or the universal life force. This is crucial towards understanding our energy and learning to develop mindfulness.


If you cannot detach, constantly are obsessed, lack faith, don’t believe in yourself and cannot let go, shoot you’re in for a bumpy ride. Detachment. It is something that tons of people have trouble with and it’s one of the biggest lessons on the awakening path, learning to let go and trust the universe.

But what if…?

Abraham hicks says it best, we are in a constant state of resisting or allowing. When we resist we recycle and cannot let go. When you decide to trust through surrender, you allow yourself the space to relax and let go of the past. To move forward, you have to let go. If we don’t choose to surrender, this can manifest as atheism, disbelief, dissociation, cynicism, or being highly delusional.

If we don’t allow ourselves the space to let go by surrender, your energy is stuck on rewind. Absolute surrender is the allowance towards soul expansion that helps generate extremely new experiences especially for manifestation!

If you have trouble letting go, The best way to surrender? Gratitude, Creativity, embracing the Right brain and most of all RELAXING. Relaxing into the experience of the now.

Let go & simply let it flow by trusting the universe.

The universe is taking care of you. It’s time you realized that.

When we choose to be energy conscious, you start enabling yourself to open up your mind. This creates the space for transformation and especially change in your material reality.

This is really about listening, isn’t it?



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