How to Tell When Energy Shifts

How to Tell When Energy Shifts

If you could take an observation of many individuals who are going through a spiritual awakening, they always come back to three things:

We are energy beings.
We need to be guided by our intuition.
We need to acknowledge Energy Shifts happen for a reason.

I thought we’d focus on a topic many people overlook.

How To Know When Energy Shifts



All is energy this is even proven from quantum physics that everything that makes up our reality is essentially energy and empty space. Energy Shifts are when there is a physical change in our very ethereal world we live in. This is often a skill that develops with a ton of practice towards consciously being aware. As an Observer of Reality you start to notice patterns in different fields of energy from your emotions.

When you become aware of your own emotions, you can learn to differentiate between your own emotions and the collective stream of consciousness. In laymans terms, What you feel and observe is what you are processing internally.

We are all connected through the collective consciousness as one, therefore when there is any type of shift in consciousness, it ripples out through the collective stream and if we are paying attention, we can easily feel it.

The day of 911 for example many people were depressed and didn’t know why, later we found out about the terrorist attacks. The day of hurricane Katrina a similar pattern followed for many people in the collective stream. Our Emotions illustrate a very intricate pattern that if observed closely begins connecting to the events around us. The more you begin to notice and observe these changes, the easier it becomes to understand:

We are all very much connected in a beautiful way. 


  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Solar Flare/Geomagnetic Storms
  • Astrological Movements such as Eclipses, Full Moon, New Moon, Comets, Meteor showers, Retrogrades, Grand crosses
  • Global Events: Terrorist Attacks, Bombings, catastrophes,
  • Natural Disasters: Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Typhoons
  • Personal shifts in Consciousness aka “light upgrades”
  • Personal Life-changing Events: a move, divorce, death, breakup, new baby, bad illness, job change, identity change
  • Adjustment to the Higher Vibrational Energies{this can happen daily for anyone in a personal transformation shift aka Awakening}

How to Tell When Energy Shifts. We're going over the signs and symptoms you can encounter in your life showing that energy is shifting! Click to read more

So How Do We Know Energy is Actually Shifting?

Here are some more common shifting signs that people experience.


  • Shift in People: You may suddenly have new people come into your life or people from the past suddenly return
  • Shift in Perspective: You may be inspired to do NEW things, pushing you out of your comfort zone
  • Physiological Shift in the body: Bizarre Cravings, diet changes out of the blue, illness, unexpected twists, flu-like symptoms, headaches in the pineal area, ocular migraines, blurry vision, 
  • Anxiety: Abrupt ANXIETY out of nowhere
  • Shadow Work{Past Fears Hit like a Ton of Bricks}: Suddenly fear about a past issue that you thought you already worked through, shadow aspects come to light. Accept and move through them.
  • Hallucinations or Visions: Seeing a spider on the wall but it wasn’t actually there. We have these visions usually when there is a shift in consciousness. Pay attention to the symbolism of them!
  • Seeing or Feeling Energy: Orbs of light, vibrating head to toe, sparkles, flashes of light, geometries in field of vision, colors of light, palms gathering energy, pixelated view of reality
  • Time shifts!  Time moving ridiculously slow or having hours disappear without realizing
  • An Intense Vertigo: Feeling the walls or objects move as if dimensions are literally shifting
  • Impendingness: The feeling as if “Something BIG is going to happen” it’s basically you, yourself is changing from the inside out
  • Moodiness: A Sudden unexpected shift in your mood, ex) feeling sad, angry, upset but don’t know why 
  • Hypersensitivity: You become sensitive to light, sound, people, frequencies, senses are sharp!
  • Excessive change in your Energy: Suddenly very drained or very AWAKE ready to run for miles and get up and go, no inbetween.
  • Heart Center Shifting: Feeling pressure or tightness in the chest, Heart Palpitations basically around the heart area{These come and go if they linger for longer than a day please get checked out just in case}
  • Brain Fog or Spaciness: Having your head in the clouds, very much in your thoughts. Not feeling remotely grounded
  • Emotional Purging: Breaking down in tears, Letting go of old emotions
  • Spiritual. Mental. Physical. Emotional. Detox I think that one explains itself. 
  • Mental Clarity: Maybe you’ve been in a bit of a fog then suddenly you have an epiphany out of nowhere. You just know the right thing to do, you have intense clarity over an issue or Universal Self-realization hits you like a light bulb going off. Ahhh doesn’t that feel good?


Many people will note that the signs are similar to Kundalini awakening, this is true because they tend to go hand in hand. Kundalini awakening symptoms can vary person to person as the process of soul transformation is different per experience. Kundalini is about recreating yourself from your mind, there is tons of energy shifts happening so yes they interconnect in many ways.

These signs of shifting energy are merely showing what is occurring within the ethereal realm as a way to help associate yourself with these changes in the Material world. It’s good to take note of these signs because you will begin to see they follow patterns. As you acknowledge these patterns by paying attention, a clarity builds and it helps you understand you are in a “Transition Point”.

These are the simple ones that are more noticeable so that you can become aware yourself when the energy is moving in a different direction for you.

When we are able to understand these transition points it becomes easier to see our personal reality from the inside out.

When we become the Observer all comes to light.

Are you paying attention?

Watch that energy move 🙂

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  1. jared 5 years ago

    This is AWESOME! For a couple years I felt like I was running in place, not getting anywhere and being unaware of my direction until that one day!.. I was just sitting in my chair and it was like a light bulb turned on and I started to understand what I needed to do to get forward in life. Weird thing is, It was simple stuff like saving up money and investing it into something I need like a house, car, new equipment (I am a entrepreneur btw). I totally agree with everything you have stated. Hopefully we would be able to talk one day?

    • Author
      Ash 5 years ago

      Thank you Jared! It really is about taking action and observing how the energy begins moving in our life. The universe starts showing us what we need to see within and BAM, things start shifting.

      I frequently hang out with my tribe in our fb group,we have a challenge going on right now and I also am starting to offer healing sessions. I’m always looking for new ways to bring us all together 🙂


  2. meowmeow22kitty 5 years ago

    Thank you for the examples! I know that I am reaching an “awakening”, due to the many changes occurring in my life. Reading the signs you have listed confirms the awakening. I feel as though I am 80% there! I haven’t had the “Bam” factor yet and maybe I won’t, as this experience is different for each person. However there have been many eye openers in this journey to understanding that everything is energy and that our perception is reality.

  3. samera kachacupt 5 years ago

    hi names samera and have recently moved to New mexico…i live with an empath and i am also a keeper of many different enities…. for the past week or so i have felt really drained…..we have vortexes all over/
    ..infact i seem to be in the middle of them plus this land is full of old magic…is that a big sign of an energy shift? and how do i make it better? or ajust…cause all i would like to do is sleep…i am 64 btw and this isnt from age cause this is brand new…..

    • Author
      Ash 5 years ago

      Hi there!

      A lot of that is actually due to the astrological alignments we’re in currently, we’ve just entered peak phase of mercury retrograde which ends on the 3th. We’re currently in 4 different retrogrades at the same time all of them influencing our subconscious which means lots of internal work. Collectively we’re in a big mental shift so there is lots of energetic activity happening right now. I’ve also been feeling drained too, you’re not alone with these feelings. It’s definitely a sign of all the collective energy shifting through retrogrades. Many are experiencing an increase in the ascension symptoms. I imagine this will start easing up as we enter may. The most important thing is listen to your body during these changes, try not to fight the current coming in. In general big shifts indicate lots of new energy coming in. we tend to resist the new energy at first – pulling in the friction of mercury retrograde. Lots of internal work in progress. Hang in there ♥

  4. Lauren 4 years ago

    Hi Ashley how long do these symptoms last for?im extremely empathic so it’s been really intense for me.All these symptoms has been happening to me for 5 weeks now.when you went through it did you feel you were a completely different person after?

    • Author
      Ash 4 years ago

      Lauren usually these symptoms ebb and flow. We’ve just coming out of a very intense energy shift that has happened the entire month of August due to the eclipses and the 5 retrogrades combo. We’re integrating a ton of new energy, this means if we’re not surrendering to the changes, we tend to feel resistance to the new energy. The best thing we can do is get centered and present. You can also ask your guides to help you tune them down, this can help immensely. As for your question, absolutely. I’m a totally different person since I first originally awakened in 2011. You will also find the more you go through this rebirthing process, you keep shedding layers and layers of old skin as the soul emerges more and more. It’s a huge part of the process, it’s about letting go of the old identity so the true self can emerge

  5. Trevor Erich von kaschke 4 years ago

    I been suffering from very bad vertigo and been getting very hot as well . Now I see what happening .

    • Author
      Ash 4 years ago

      we’ve been in a very intense shift the entire month of august. This energy is starting to integrate now into our reality. The combination of 5 retrogrades and a eclipse made this energy shift very intense. I was getting vertigo too!

  6. yolanda 4 years ago

    So this article helped me out soo much in every way thank you!!! My eyes and crown and pineal gland has been hurting since last friday and i know that was a special day and ever since then ive literally have been going through all of these symptoms… I was ready to go to hospital but im super healthy and workout and eat clean…im also a nurse so i pay attention to my body.. Anyways thanks again for this article it has helped me tremendously.

  7. tony 4 years ago

    Hi Ash, been suffering the last week from coital cephalalgia. Never experience headaches before and no other explanation as to reason. Been doing kundalini yoga for 4 months. Is this my energy shifting? How long will this last? Thanks

  8. Shhh 4 years ago

    Hi your article was very interesting and informative. I recently in the past year or so I have been feeling these shifts which brought me here. Sometimes it feels like everything shifted to the left or the world changed to a new frame. Those happen less frequently but they make me feel like something changed but I don’t know what. The second feeling that I get that is happening more often is like a compulsory feeling. Like energy is pressing down on me telling me to look at something, move to a place, say certain words or draw. Are these awakening something that just happen or do they come with effort because mine have been just effecting me. However if you need background on me when I was in middle school I used to do mind readings by looking at images on people’s hands and then I got into fortune telling.

  9. Amina Hadžiomerović 4 years ago

    Ash, can you explain what you mean by TRANSITION… like Transition in 4th dimension to fifth or sth different?


  10. Jc 3 years ago

    I’ve been sent to you. I asked for something and received a message in code. I’d like to talk personally if possible. Not sure where to go or what/who to trust. But I do know this. My code was ‘ash’ along with some other info. I’d like to compare my notes. As well as my questions I have need some answers, which I know are all within. But anyhow, do you have an email I could contact at all? Thanks again ash, J.

  11. krati 3 years ago

    This was a really intriguing read! The signs made a lot of sense and helped me figure some things out. Thanks a lot for sharing the post.

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