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Just wanted to share my little experience yesterday, so baby and I went grocery shopping. Talk about synchroncity, the cashier i just randomly started talking to also worked at the same bakery i used to work at awhile ago. She was telling me the same story about how miserable she is about her job and everything. Having remembered in the past how entirely miserable and depressing i was at this store way back when, I was trying to tell her to be happy and don’t worry things will get better, then she mentioned how she’s 27 weeks pregnant and can’t wait for her son to be born. It was a surreal moment, like seeing myself within someone else, a random stranger i just so happen to share experience with and it was like just that one comment probably helped make her day a little bit easier. It really is about the connection, we can’t do this alone anymore. We are each helping the other in numerous ways even strangers we cross paths with, it’s all about that connection. I think being able to take a step back for a bit really showed me that, THIS is truly happening. It is subtle, there will be a rollercoaster of emotions, I am working on healing but i’m also learning look how far we have actually came and how much we have grown within a few years!

Sometimes it worth it to take a step back to see that even if there are arguments or kindness, we are all helping eachother. That angry message did inspire me in many ways because it showed me, i’m so tired of the fighting, i’m tired of the anger, the misunderstandings, the inequality, the judging of people just because they are different, We need to realize that the only way we can find ourselves is through compassion of the other by seeing within the eyes of the other no matter what be it a break up, a fight with a loved one, a fight with a friend, even an argument with a follower, we need to see through the eyes of the people this is what will give us strength by connection. We are a unity and we always will be, it’s just a matter of seeing inside the mirror.

Know that the words that come out of your mouth are you channeling yourself into the lives of the people around you, your aura is influenced by the people around you through time/space distance or the person next to you. When we listen to others we are hearing them speak from their soul and tell you their own problems and issues. This is where we all need to step up and find the connection between eachother instead of this fighting duality. There is no division we are ALL co-creators from the person who you feel is lost to the person who is as spiritually advanced as you to the child who is carefree to the animals and the trees. WE ALL INFLUENCE EACH OTHER by our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our language, our love.

So i write this today to say truly listen to people, hear what they are channeling from their souls and SEE how connected we truly are, it’s only a matter of really listening with the heart for we will see we are ONE <3





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Ashley is the founder of The Awakened State, where she helps others understand the process of Kundalini Awakening through tools, exercises & personal experience. Her mission is to guide others to discover their unlimited potential and how we can move beyond our fears to create New Empowered Paradigms. She teaches others to Dismantle Resistance,Live Beyond Fear and Start Awakening Their Inner Creator. When she’s not blogging,she’s netflixing with her man or playing with her two crazy little ones.

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