Life is Responding to You, Not Happening to You


In today’s Awakening Tip I wanted to touch on the concept of how Vibration is influencing your life and what we can start to do about it.

Lately, I keep seeing countless articles or social media posts about these ‘negative entities’ that are keeping us in a negative vibration or headspace. Then the theory is if you’re positive 24.7 they go away because you’re in a higher vibration….but if you don’t they are *secretly* latching onto your energy – growl! 

Let’s face it, this is a pure example of how our Ego is a drama Queen, we create all this dramatic emphasis to avoid admitting we have resistance or we create some crazy story of “negative entities” or “energy vampires” that keeps us from owning up to the fact that we are not taking accountability for our emotions. 

I understand how countless Hollywood movies of invasion of the body snatchers and demonic possess through our old conditioning can make us believe otherwise. 

However in this place of tough love, it’s good to see that when we do this we are getting stuck in an illusion of separation of refusing to own up and see our shadow. 

Everything is interconnected, the illusion of separation means everything is a mirror which means everything is literally interconnected.

If everything is a mirror, then the ‘negative entities’ is merely a symbolic representation of our shadow. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a “negative entity, energy vampire, an ex, a whiny child, a parent or a friend” when we’re in this place of placing blame on something that makes us feel powerless, we’re not owning up to our emotions.

We’re creating excuses that are keeping us stuck in fear or dense vibration.   

I am not excused from this example, I look back at all the times I used my children as an excuse not to work on what I should be working on, when I needed a break but created every excuse in the book that I’m not entitled to breaks or when a temper tantrum ruined my entire day leading to burnout.

What all this gobbly mess is, is simply excuses that keep us in a state of not taking accountability for what we actually want and working through our resistance. 

In short, We’re not owning up to the fact that we are the one responsible for our emotions and our emotions are basically our vibrational state. 

Here’s the thing though, when we’re in this place of avoiding, bypassing, or ridding ourselves of the ego – what we’re actually doing is feeding the resistance because we’re creating an unconscious pushback. 

If we’re constantly pushing away from something, we’re purposely making our life more difficult.

In truth – you’re feeding the resistance more.


It’s like as if you decided today I’m going to take the road with all the detours and the stand still traffic just because I was too stubborn to get on the tollway that was a straight shot to my destination. 

Here’s What I mean:

We seem to get caught in this concept of feeling powerless
as if we truly believe that: Life is just happening to us.
We often fall into the victim role which makes us feel into these old conditioning patterns and habits that leave us feeling powerless over our reality or our circumstance. 

A big piece of this is due to our past conditioning. 

However, It’s really about understanding that energy is the currency of life.
If everything is energy and energy is consciousness, this truly means that everything is influenced by vibration.


If you desire to understand reality, know that you must begin understanding how vibration aka frequency works.

This means everything is emitting a frequency that is translating out into the world. 

The Reality is not that life is just happening to us, Life is responding to us.

Life is responding to our Vibration.
Our energy body.

What we give power to energizes in our life.

The Energy we hold is so powerful. 

But here’s the thing we often keep ourselves stuck in these stories of Why isnt it working?, what is wrong with me?, why are these things happening to me?, It must be the negative entities, it must be this, it must be that…?

We become addicted to looking at our flaws.

And in that place, we struggle, we strive and attach ourselves to giving fear the power vs rising above it. 

We are addicted to the struggle.  

Because here’s the thing we’re either pushing away from pain or moving towards pleasure. 

And when we’re in this place of pushing away from resistance, we create more of it. 

We may be doing this unconsciously due to our past conditioning habits and behaviors.   

So what we need to start doing is reframing how we are seeing the resistance and how we can begin moving towards pleasure vs pushing away from the pain. 

In today’s video post, I dive deeper into this concept and how we can start to easily begin influencing our energy body. 

We don’t have to keep giving fear the power, fear is a dense vibration and when we choose to take accountability for our energy body we can easily begin rising above it. 

Our Light will always be stronger than our fear. 

So here’s your Homework: 

Soul Work: 

Ask Yourself  and Journal on, 
What are you vibing right now? 

  • What do you feel you are radiating out in the world?
  • Are you in a dis-empowering place or an empowering place? 
  • Where are you feeling that in your body?
  • What is one thing you can do to Begin Shifting your Perspective of this?

The symbols that are revealing itself to us are what is going on internally. 

We start to tap into this beautiful mirror. our energy is radiating it out. 

we start to see that we can begin to change the story

We always have the ability to choose again and change the trajectory

We always have an opportunity to shift.

What is your Empowered Story?

If you’re ready to Dive Deeper into this: 
I’ve made you something that I’m deeply passionate about, 

From being hypersensitive, I used to have this problem with overactive empathy, I felt like I was constantly in this feeling of being an emotional sponge which made me feel out of control of my energy body. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
It was here that I started tuning into guidance & creating my own system to literally manage my energy. ⠀
I was tired of overactive empathy running my life.
I was tired of feeling powerless.
I was done with letting my hypersensitivity control me.
So I set out to discover my own tools when meditation & grounding just weren’t cutting it anymore. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What I really discovered is that we need daily tools to focus our energy correctly. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In this place of empowering our vibrations, we inevitably shift our life. Because the Universe is always responding to us, not the other way around.

This is why I made the Toolkit and this week i’m having the last sale of the year as the awakened state is moving in a new direction.   

EQUINOX SALE 30% this week only
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Check it all out here 

Leave any questions you have for me in the comments below,

I love hearing from you, love you!

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