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Hey cosmic souls Ash here, we’re doing something a little different today! Our new guest author April is sharing some insight from her Youtube series: The Magic of

Today we’re talking about Past Lives.

*Hands over the mic*

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I still remember, clear as day, the first set of past life dreams I ever had.

Of course, I didn’t know what they weren’t the time. When I found out you can imagine how ecstatic I was to find out I wasn’t crazy. All those years, I wasn’t crazy.

I was young. Really young.

I was in water.

Dark, blue/gray water. Is it possible for water to be smokey? It was.

I looked up and saw what looked like sets of moving toothpicks. Far, far up.


I could breathe.

Under water, I could breathe.

I felt like I was moving my arms and legs, but I didn’t have any.

Not when I looked down.

I was at peace.

I was happy, I was content.

I had just died on the Titanic.

The very first reading I had with a professional psychic medium; she went into my past lives and that was the first thing out of her mouth.

It made so much sense.

I wouldn’t even go anywhere near water when I was a baby either. It terrified my mother. She took me to a child psychologist.

I also believed – truly and completely – that I could breathe under water for the longest time because of it. It was really wild.

And very confusing.

No coincidence that when that movie came out, it opened a gate in my soul. I became obsessed with the event, the people, and constantly wanting to learn more about everything related to it.

I have had over 20 lifetimes.

I only remember eight of them.

I always knew, in the back of my mind, that this wasn’t my first time here. I knew it so strongly it alarmed me. Even before I could ever put any words together to describe it.

I discuss it now because I know how I felt, have felt, and for anyone else who experiences this… You are not alone.

You’re not weird. You’re not ‘broken’.

You’re more normal than you’d ever believe.

Not too long after that I began reading hieroglyphics.

I wasn’t more than 8. Never learned anything about them.

Was always extremely fascinated with ancient Egypt.

I knew I died in the Salem Witch Trials. That I knew as a young child as well.

The one thing I always mention to people and would like to address here is to please exercise caution if you have some desire to go about figuring out your past lives as well.

I address the caution in my new episode of my YouTube series #TheMagicOf on this topic from this week, but I’d like to state it here as well.

I am very fortunate to have a highly skilled professional medium named Wendy Piepenburg as not only a deeply compassionate, beautiful friend – but a mentor of sorts. Any scary or questionable experience I have, intentionally or most often unintentionally, she is there. She helps me. She holds my hand and walks me through a lot of things I wouldn’t be able to handle without her expertise.

I am, after all, just a sensitive person who pretty much had my third eye opened by spirit and they said to me, “Get ready! Here we go!”

The things I have ‘discovered’, if you will, organically… Without askin for it, without wondering… That just came about randomly… Have all been relatively peaceful.

It’s been what I’ve asked for that has been traumatizing.

Not intentionally. Spirit never ever aims to harm in any way. But because I thought I was ready, and I asked. And spirit delivered. And I was not ready.

The most recent lifetime I remembered was my last lifetime. My most traumatic lifetime. My most upsetting death.

I was one of the most brutal, well known murders in history.

I’m not comfortable saying my identity from that lifetime (obvious reasons), but let me say it was very upsetting and traumatizing to in a sense re-live all of that.

Primarily, my death.

I started seeing flashes of the body.

I started looking into it.

What the hell does this mean?

Was that me?

In meditation, I broke down.

“How dare you! I had dreams and goals! I was so young! Why?!”

Screaming and crying. A part of my soul that wasn’t mine wanted answers.

I had dreams. Then more dreams.

Then I asked to remember it.

“If this was me, please show me.”

Spirit showed me alright.

It showed me my murder.

I felt it. I smelt it. I cried. It was very traumatizing.

But, I asked for it.

And spirit is loving. Don’t let that be lost. Spirit is truly loving.

My angels knew I couldn’t handle being in my body, so they sucked me out and I watched it from the corner of the room.

Spirit also heard me when I screamed for them to wake me up, and they did.

Spirit stayed with me and reassured me I was safe, that wasn’t me anymore, I was home and in my bed surrounded by my guides and Angels.

But, enough about all that… I have a video all about it I did for my show #TheMagicOf! Let me just talk it to you…

April Washko
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