Psychic Series: You See What You Want to See

I got to sit down with my friend and amazing professional psychic medium Wendy Piepenburg for my YouTube series ‘The Magic Of’.

I wanted to share the info with Wendy with all of you, & I thought there’s no better way than the video itself!

We have two parts out thus far, and more coming!

Wendy is insanely insightful and has helped me when I’ve gotten into rocky waters and been afraid of random things happening to me that I didn’t understand.

Hope you enjoy!


Keep tuned in for more discussions with Wendy and Myself! I’ll keep you tuned in, of course.

Peace & Love.

April Washko
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April Washko

April Washko is a native of Detroit, MI who is an actress, producer, social media marketer and advertiser. She had her 'spiritual awakening' at 21 and since has been on a more personally rewarding and 'pay it forward' type of soul journey in life. Her first YouTube series 'The Magic Of', an inspirational/motivational/comedic series, officially began streaming in January of 2016 (she has several other series in development as well). A clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognisant empath who is an animal lover, abuse survivor, former addict and self injurer whose deepest passion in life is helping others, playing pretend, and making as many dreams come true as possible... She is truly grateful and honored to be a part of this Spiritual Awakening community.
April Washko
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