Will people be left behind?

New Age Myths

So, I read your link about the Awakening, and I’m a little confused. After December do people get “left behind” like in Christian prophecies?
The way i feel is that no one will be left behind because you have to remember the distinction between the illusion of separation and the illusion of fear caused from the ego. When you think in future your mind slips into ego, it also slips out of time which when i say time i mean psychological time(past/future vs. present time). So you will get worried about the future, regretful of the past and then you will get so anxious for the future that you lose track of time, you are no longer here, you are there which is illusion.

The way i feel is that no one will technicall be left behind, they may vibrate at a different frequency than you and their consciousness might be in a different reality/dimension because of their own soul contract choices. However the concept of separation is really just an illusion. We are all one. We connect our energy within the galatic crystalline core of the universe, connected within the web of entanglement reality. It’s how telepathy works, we’re ALL connected. Each one of us. So to say that people would be left behind is missing the point of ascension, it’s all of us, together as one creating the vector equilibrium, creating the crystalline structure to make the divine merkaba, the heart of mother earth alive.

If you believe that you are separated from your loved ones whether dead or alive, you are never separated from them ever. One of the deepest illusions of all. The illusion of Separation. You must trust within the natural abundance of the universe so you can be free.


Have faith.


into yourself.





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