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Sleep Paralysis: Why We’re Triggered By Fear

Sleep Paralysis - Why We're Triggered by Fear. - The Awakened State

As Halloween is coming up, many of us have ghosts, spirits, negative entities, scary movies and most of all Fear-consciousness on the brain. I love Halloween it always has a very magical energy that’s hard to describe. I thought this would be a fun change of pace for Halloween....


The Divine Creator: Crafting the New identity

The Divine Creator:Crafting the New Identity

This is part 5 of our 5 part series: Symptoms of Awakening Part 1 – Awakening & The Edge of Insanity, Why Am I losing it? Part 2 – Going into the Abyss: The Dark Night of the Soul Part 3 – The Transition Phase: Spiritual Bliss to Stagnation Part...


How to Know If I’m Energy Conscious

How to Know I'm Energy Conscious

Being body conscious is one thing that makes people cringe, however on the different spectrum, how do we know if we’re being Energy conscious of our mind, body and soul? Being Energy conscious is really about cultivating a practice of Listening within but it’s ohhhh so much more than...


Manifest Movement Part 3: Merging The Awakened One into the Creator

This is a Series, make sure you read Part 1: Holiday Magic and Part 2: The Magic of Manifestation first! By now if you’ve been following our series you are either in the process or just finished your Subconscious Imprinting Ritual of your choice. I hope you have been...



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