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Awakened Beginnings: Why Is 11:11 haunting me?

Today’s topic goes into Numerology and Why I believe we’re experiencing these shifts in awareness. Many in the beginning of the path will come to me asking why the numbers are haunting them. Let's go into it!

This is part 6 of our Awakened Beginnings Series: Part 1    Signs We’re Starting to Wake up Part 2    Tapping into the Energy World Part 3    How to Talk to Higher Self Part 4    Opening the Heart to Freedom Part 5    Making Peace with The...


11.11 How Does Numerology and Stargates work?

11.11 is here…but what does that really mean? Often when I mention stargates such as 11.11 12.12 or 12.21 I get hate mail usually saying that the Gregorian Calendar issued by the pope has nothing to do with numbers on a calendar. A lot of discomfort and cognitive dissonance...



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