This is for those who are Called to Do Things Differently,

For Those who feel they are doing everything right but aren’t able to fully breakthrough,

For Those Committed to creating real lasting and sustainable change in their lives,

For Those Ready to Heal, Ready to Manifest, & Ready to Stop the sabotage, 

Let’s draw a line in the sand – This ends now. 

I am not here for subtlety,
The Soul -Aligned Manifesting Circle is different than your average Manifestation Program.

I am not here to simply tell you how to create a Vision –

I am here to teach you how to Activate, Step into and Embody that Vision for your Life.

I Teach Manifestation from a Lens of learning to understand your own Magnetism
and What fully makes you into an Energetic Match by Healing
The Energetic Leaks, Self-sabotage, and Mindsets that are keeping you in holding patterns.

We often are taught different methods that rely on high Vibe only, Doing certain Visualization exercises,
creating specific routines, but what If – This is actually what has been keeping you in lack?

Because the Truth is – You’re relying on what is outside of you and not what is WITHIN YOU

It’s time to open your eyes to a New Paradigm of Manifesting – built from Alignment & Mind-body Healing.

It’s time to Burn the old principles to the ground so you can Show up from an
Energy of Being an Authentic Match for what you Deeply Desire

And this Begins with Fully Owning Your own Magnetism

That lives inside of you.

In the Soul-Aligned Manifesting Circle,

We go into the Mind-body healing work, The Embodiment, And most importantly:


Are you done throwing things at the wall hoping you’re manifesting correctly?

Are you done with fluffy new age concepts and searching for how to demystify energy principles by reading countless books?

Are you OVER – Getting Stuck in the Hows and relying on specific rituals to move the needle?

Are you having trouble with Healing a specific pattern in a certain area that you’re Manifesting?

Is the whole Concept of Alignment, a struggle, hard to grasp or you often feel you’re doing it wrong?

How Would it Feel to begin increasing your motivation and breakthrough what is stopping you?

How would it feel to start manifesting more effortlessly as you now carry the tools to Shift Energy?

Are You Ready to Commit to Energetic Mastery & Begin OWNING your personal Magnetism?

I get it, I’ve done the recite affirmations 100 times a day, Bless your crystals, and all of that…

But things didn’t start shifting drastically for me until I began to get my head out of the New Age department and into Understanding How the Mind, the Quantum & Subconscious Reprogramming truly works.

Have you ever been frustrated with your Manifesting strategy or practice?
Thinking you’re doing all the right things, but it simply just isn’t working the way you want?

Here’s the thing it’s not that Manifesting isn’t working for you. 


Chances are you’re just not being taught correctly how it actually works energetically.

Here’s the Truth – Manifesting is always working – But are you working it consciously or unconsciously?

When I started understanding manifestation – I began to see one critical missing link for so many people – It’s called Surface Level Manifesting and a majority of people teach manifesting without the true magnetism of becoming an energetic match.

This is crazy!

I understand your frustration because surface level manifesting often sets us up for consistent
disappointment, self-sabotage, and a lot of instagram envy. – But here’s what I do know,

and beyond that, we carry the ability to Heal and Manifest from the inside out.

And Almost Always – The Reason Manifesting hasn’t been working for you, comes down to two things:

A. Your Energy & Beliefs
B. You’re Not Releasing the Blindspots that are stopping you


What if you began to see that Raising your Vibe is actually one tiny piece to the manifesting puzzle
and it’s actually about getting intimate with your Internal State instead?

What if you took a minute and threw everything you once knew about manifesting, out the window and began to Start Working on Manifesting from the Inside out not the outside in – How do you feel your life would begin to change as you start to actively work with your own Magnetism and Point of Attraction?

Using your Magnetism,
Understanding the Mind-body Connection
and learning how to begin cleansing your Mindset
So the Actions start to become easier, more magnetic, more natural
and allow you to jumpstart your alignment

towards Whatever you deeply desire to Create for your Life

It starts when you understand how the Mind-body Connection plays a critical role
in your Manifesting process.

I feel like when we understand energy, we start to get how manifesting & Healing really works,
But when we start to understand how the mind-body connection works.

Now we REALLY get it &  everything begins to make a fuck ton of sense towards:

Why we’re manifesting and receiving the way we are.

Why we stopped ourselves from Healing a particular wound or negative pattern.

Why Resistance stops us in our tracks and keeps us stuck & limited.

We start to understand what is really going on beneath the surface.

The truth is there are plenty of Modalities you can use to Manifest,
However, most of them set us up for the Surface level Slow Path, OR
you could just go right back to the Source:

Imagine if you stepped into the Knowing:

That Abundance is your Absolute Birthright.

That Success is first created in your Energetics & Mindset.

That Receiving is your Natural State and you can always expand into More.

Imagine for a moment that deep inside of you, you can activate this person within you who is already the person you deeply desire to be, to have and create at will,

what would it mean to fully step into this reality?

How would your life suddenly shift  if you now carry the knowledge to shift energy, heal
and begin manifesting what you ultimately desire.

And NOW – It’s no longer a matter of If but a Matter of  WHEN

And knowing fully as you Trust in Soul – Anything is possible for you as you
increase your Magnetism, expand your container of receiving
and truly LEAD from your Soul’s Potent Alignment.

How would this feel to step into this Vision inside of you?

From this Space – Practically

Done are the days of frantic Manifesting,

Done are the days of waiting for what you truly want, It’s time to Activate your Magnetism

Done are the days of creating feast and famine rollercoaster results, –

It’s time to Create a Sustainable Foundation for Empowering your Life from the inside out.

We Journey into Manifesting from a sustainable foundation:

Energy is the root cause of everything within our lives. 

Wherever we are struggling at in our lives, be it our relationships, our money,
our spiritual beliefs, our self-esteem, our addictions…
is due to this one concept we either aren’t aware of or don’t think about it because we can’t see it.

Down at the microscopic level.Which means everything has a frequency & better yet,

We can learn to change it.

Once you start to understand the chakra system like the back of your hand,

you have a psychological guide map that you can use to improve all areas of your life.

You may have learned or heard of the chakras before

The way I approach the Chakra system is slightly different in this way,

I don’t teach how to heal from the physical level but How to combine the emotional,
mental, energetic and physical level through using
the mind-body connection.

In this way, we’re learning how to create Internal Shifts to begin creating External Change
in our physical world.

I have studied the chakras & principles of manifestation for over 11 years and they have drastically changed my life through
using the methods I teach from understanding How the Mind-body Connection works
to help us Heal & Manifest in our lives.

Most people are familiar with the Chakras as a Healing Mechanism towards personal wellness & clearing karma
However, Did you know we have two channels within the chakras?

One is the healing current, most people are familiar with this.

The second is the manifestation or Empowerment current,
this helps us co-create in our lives!

As we heal the Chakras we can:


💗Root: Get out of survival mode and Activate Abundance
Spiritual Gift: Manifesting through Abundance

🧡Sacral: Receive with Ease & Allow more Pleasure in your Life
Spiritual Gift: Emotional Empowerment

💛Solar: Empower your Will & Reclaim your Personal Power
Spiritual Gift: Co-creating with Confidence

💚Heart: Give and Receive Love & Step into Loving Relationships
Spiritual Gift: Fulfillment & Purpose

💙Throat: Remove Doubt and Align with your Highest Expression of You
Spiritual Gift: Channeling & Aligning with your Authentic Higher Self

💜Third eye: Cultivate your Intuition and Start removing your limitations that hold you back
Spiritual Gift: Seeing Beyond Your Limits

💥Crown: Build your Trust and Faith in a Higher Power to support & rekindle your ability
to Co-create through alignment with magnetism.
Spiritual Gift: Learning to Co-create with Universal Support.


This is the program that combines the best of my teachings, Energetic Mastery & Manifestation

It’s one part Manifestation skills with learning the Process of Manifestation,
One Part Emotional Healing, One Part deep Energetic & embodiment Mind-body work. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Manifestation has always been fascinating to me,

Ever since I explored a gratitude challenge that shifted my life, moved my family out of financial struggle and started manifesting crazy things in my life like magic.

I was curious, I had to learn more, know more,
over the years I’ve approached manifestation like a scientist, I’ve been obsessed with it, figuring out how to do it, how to get better at it,
and most importantly the entire step by step process. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What works. What is pure fluffy. What gets results.
Most importantly how to apply it consistently which is what moves the needle the most.

And what occured out of that is this.


A program that breaks down manifestation simply through a five-step process called The Elevation Process.

Each Module stretches out the entire manifestation process so you walk away not only knowing exactly how to manifest, but also how to heal what is coming up for you
so you are unstoppable!

This is a Program that will help breakdown the practices, energy tools, and manifesting techniques.
This is different than your average Law of Attraction program.
We combine The Energetic work of Energy management andChakra healing with the Practical Manifestation Principles to help you:
rewire beliefs, heal old patterns and begin releasing what is stopping your manifestations.


By learning to use the chakra system with limited belief work,  I have healed and cleared a lot of my past baggage. Using this information,
I don’t have a lot of drama in my life anymore.

Here’s the Thing, Manifesting isn’t just about Materialism – There are so many Layers to Energetic Manifesting –

Manifesting from sustainable Energy will begin to make your Life Truly Magical
because your foundation is built on Alignment

I have created beautiful loving relationships by healing my heart center, when I used to deal with constant self hate, body shame & beating myself up.

I have manifested Divine health and well-being for my myself & my children, When I used to have illness after illness growing up as a child into early adulthood.

I have Manifested Financial Abundance growing and expanding my receiving container into my life supporting my family’s well-being.

I have Healed issues of Confidence, Self-esteem, Self-sabotage, Lack of Motivation and Action Taking,

I have even lost weight by reclaiming my spiritual power & healing mother wounds,
I have stopped my bad habits, healed my body, amplified my intuition & learned to tap in fully to embodying my Higher Self and that’s just the start of it!

I’ve also used these tools to manifest practical things like apartments, cars, money, and even peace of mind!

It’s Time for you to Rise into your Next Level of Receiving

The point is when you start working with the chakras & digging into this Manifesting work, Change will begin to happen. Manifestation is an inside job, the more we understand how to work with our energy, that change will be reflected in our physical world.
That’s co-creation at it’s finest! 



I have put this 8 module program together to teach you everything I’ve learned about manifestation and energy work over 11 years so you can learn true Energetic Mastery and Create whatever your heart deeply desires.














So I know you may also be thinking:

We Have to Realize: The Inner Creates the Outer. When we begin to influence the internal Energetics, we naturally will shift automatically Why? Because Now we are changing the Root of the Emotional Memory  & Healing that aspect of our life. When we do this consistently, We can shift whatever area of our life that needs the most healing & support. Now We Have a framework to Shift!

When we begin to Heal & Change How we’re Receiving in that Chakra, Imagine:

  • You can Begin working with an Abundance Mindset & know How to shift out of Lack
  • You can Start  to Allow more Receiving & Pleasure to Enter your Life without feeling guilt or sacrifice as your Sacral is Balanced.
  • You Change how you’re manifesting as you now have a stable energetic foundation built on Support & Safety as your Root is Anchored.
  • You have a framework that you can come back to again and again whenever Resistance patterns show up.
  • Begin to Have More love, Acceptance, fulfillment, joy and flow bringing more Peace of mind into your life as your Heart Chakra is Healed.
  • You start to Show up more easily with motivation, focus & direction as your Solar Plexus is Empowered.
  • Experience a stronger Connection with Spirit, your guides & higher self as your Third Eye is Expanded.
  •  Cultivate your own Personal Self-Belief & Worth so you manifest easier what you desire as your Crown Chakra is Awakened
  • Know How to Remove Doubt  and Align with Your Most Authentic higher self as your Throat Chakra is Activated.


How would it feel to live from a place where you now have specifically the blueprint to Manifestation, You Begin  Emotionally Empowering yourself & changing how you’re receiving in your life  —
You will begin to manifest from the sustainable energy of your personal Chakra Alignment, learn the Energetic Healing tools, and the ability to Shift into Being an energetic Match for
your desires.





The Soul Aligned Manifesting Circle is a 12-week Intensive Group Coaching Program focused on Manifestation & Energetic Healing through learning Emotional Empowerment. The eight modules are stretched out to give you a step by step layout of The Manifestation process. Each Module combines Both Energetic, Practical steps & manifestation principles together to create sustainable manifestation through the mind-body connection. As we meet in circle to support each other, I teach you how to raise your energetic standards, work with the subconscious mind & most importantly how to get in energetic alignment towards your every desire.



In the first module, we go over the energy behind Intention. I teach you a Manifestation rundown of How to become an energetic match.

To start on this journey we must first consciously get clear on our Intentions and Desires. This starts with learning how to start programming a desire through the power of  Intention & Empowered Decisions.

I take you through my process of Activating your Desires & Intentions while we dive deep into your Visioning Playbook to Set up a Detailed vision for your Life.


In this Module, we extend our foundation work by teaching you energetic principles, the Mind-body Connection  & how to utilize your intuitive abilities to gain more conscious awareness in your life.

We also go over my classic approach to Energy management 101 so you can learn about the process of the mind-body connection, how frequency/vibration influences reality and cultivating energy through mindful rituals. I share with you my personal tools to help me create more observer consciousness and Mindfulness to help you amp up your Energetic Awareness.


In this Module, we’ll go into understanding our Negative Patterns and The Heart of What is Resistance, How Resistance is a stepping stone to opportunity and growth, How to understand emotional triggers and Most of all how to start detaching from our resistance patterns.

This is where we bring awareness to where we are personally
creating self-sabotage in our lives & learn how to start transcending our limited beliefs with my 3 simple steps Reprogramming Process.


We have built our foundation, Now it is time to make Manifestation a Habit and way of life. Now it is time to begin working the principles and stepping into knowing fully the True Process of Manifestation.

This process is separated into 4 Different Parts to Help you receive awareness & a MASSIVE Energetic deep dive into the Process of Manifestation. We go into Troubleshooting your Misalignment in the manifesting process,  The elements of Manifestation, What to do when you find manifesting isn’t working, how to get unstuck from sabotaging your results and the full process broken down step by step – then simplified so it becomes easy and magical for you!


Now it’s time to empower your story,It’s time to do some potent Embodiment work and begin Stepping in fully to your Manifested Vision. In this module, we  Begin to Raise your energetic standards and what you truly desire to call into your life unapologetically from the Identity level.

I teach you how to Quantum leap your manifestations through powerful exercises using the mind-body and subconscious mind hacks. This teaches us energetic boundaries, how to expand our worth and how to speed up the manifestation process.


In this module I take you through the process of  Empowering Our belief System, clearing up the loose ends of upper limits that hold us back and Learn to create effective communication so you are now walking your talk when it comes to manifesting.

We will learn how to bust through the upper limits that are sabotaging our success, learn powerful language tools and cultivate an Empowered Belief system with my 4 step process.


In this module, Alignment is everything!  I teach you how to start leading with soul alignment and embrace your spiritual power by utilizing your Intuition. This module is all about learning to cultivate your Intuition and get in touch with your Soul Guidance System so your Action becomes automatic, magnetic and gets easier and easier for you.

We go into the topics of How the Subconscious works, How to get answers from your intuition to make better decisions, and I teach you the process that changed my life, the Align your Vibe Formula! 


In this module, my fav!  we move full circle, talk quantum manifestation & how to next level your manifestations through sustainable systems to bust through your limits. We’re going to bring everything together so we can create powerful systems. I will share with you multiple manifestation systems you can repeat for consistent results in your life. This will be your 30 Days of Rising to learn how to use an easy system to Manifest & co-create your desires in your daily life.

You Will Receive:

8 Pre-recorded Modules 60+ minutes made especially for you. Some with Extra Mini Video Lessons.

The Chakra breakdown — 7 Extra Video Lessons in the Pre-work Bonus

Private Mighty Networks Community with Q&A access to me as a Support Hub

6 Group Coaching  Call  Support to help you further with the material  (2 per  month)

Including Your Soul Work:  Audios, workbooks, journal prompts, & Exercises

Activate Your Desires Meditation
  Own Your Desire Invocation Contract
 Activate Your Desires Intention Setting Playbook

 Quick Reference guides
 Power Questions on Energy Awareness
 My Personal Mindful Ritual Practice
Question Your Dissonance workbook
Working the Manifestation Principles mini workbook
The 3 simple steps Reprogramming  Process
Journal Prompts on What to do when Manifesting isn’t Working
  7  recorded Energy Clearing Chakra Invocations (Value: $497)
Crafting the New Identity workbook
How to Cultivate an Empowered Belief System: 4 Step Process
Align your vibe formula
5 Sustainable systems to help you Next Level your Manifestations

The 30 Days of Rising: Elevation Process aka the complete Manifestation process Template

As a VIP Bonus You Receive:

 BONUS: SIX 90 mins Group Coaching Calls over the 3 months
together with Ashley on Video Zoom Chat (Value: $1997+)

 BONUS: Empower The Chakras Online Program  (value: $497)

  BONUS: Chakra Empowerment Guide – This is my ultimate Chakra Breakdown so you have a personal reference guide to come back to again and again.

   BONUS: Chakra Realignment Meditation

   BONUS: Pre-work  Energy Management & Chakra soul work journal prompts  to get you started on your journey ahead! (value: $497)








Let's Get Your Manifesting On!

This course combines many different methods of Energetic Awareness, Manifestation principles, Energy clearing, Mind-body Healing, Subconscious Reprogramming and Habit Creation. All the best systems to truly help you make manifestation a habit and way of life. 

Membership Portal

Receive access to your membership portal with a special log in, where you have easy access to your Video Lessons,
Soul Work Prompts & Action steps

8 Modules

Learn Manifesting from a Step By Step Process to avoid Overwhelm & go at your own pace. Each Module builds onto the next so you will work on Manifesting throughout the entire 12 weeks together. You Receive the Manifestation Process through 8 Modules. Plus the Bonus Pre-work 7 modules. 

Lifetime Access

With Lifetime access – come back to the material whenever you want! You can return to the material whenever you need to shift your mindset, revisit a lesson or need a manifesting refresher. 

Workbook Guidance

Within each Module, you also receive guides, prompts, workbooks, & action steps to help you fully integrate the material. Packed with Tons of Prompts, Guides & Easy Steps to help you implement the Material. Over 16 + Pieces of Soul Work: Audios, Workbooks, journal prompts, guides 

Support Network Hub

Included with a Special community space off of social media to ask questions, talk with members and seek out support directly with Ashley during the duration of the program. 

” The most important piece for me was working through resistance
and doing the deep healing work required to truly come into trust and expansion.
This is a program that I will return to many times, and I have developed skills I return to daily. “

” To take on a Big program felt daunting to me, but I desired to overcome blocks in believing in myself, that I could change, be healthy and step into my power… Since enrolling in this program, I feel I have moved through my resistance. I now trust the universe is supporting me and has my back.  That I can connect with and listen to my higher knowing. very Empowered!

I like how responsive and supportive Ashley is.  Also her enthusiasm and trust in the process is very motivating and contagious. I liked the soul work as being the first step, but that action to make shifts was always the emphasis.  I really love the chakra work.

The Program offers more than you can imagine! It is thoughtful, thorough, empowering and life expanding.  Ashley is very caring, intuitive and available for support and coaching throughout.  The most important piece for me was working through resistance and doing the deep healing work required to truly come into trust and expansion.  This is a program that I will return to many times, and I have developed skills I return to daily. 

I know that I am held and that the universe is supporting me.  When something comes up, I now have the tools to serve me and I know I will return to the Chakra work as need be.   More importantly is that my perspective has shifted – out of victimhood and into feeling that I can choose and co-create my beautiful life.

—  Jordan | Mother & Therapist 

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving. Everything you said helped me from the gratitude challenges to forgiveness to focusing on myself and energy work and letting go.

Reading back all of your words helped me again, and I realized you’d given me(just from your heart) tools that I can use for the rest of my life that will always help me.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all that time and energy. It makes me feel worthy.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done without your loving kindness, wisdom and support. The universe truly did bring me to you for a reason and it helped all of me through a very dark time and it helped me surface above my awakening.”


“I have known and worked with Ashley Aliff & the Awakened State since 2012. Her energy and perception of the healing process will bring you into alignment with the New Thought energies coming into our collective consciousness, at this time. Ashley Aliff has helped me to become more aware of my limitations and has helped me to overcome them. Her energy is potent and loving and her e-course is amazing!

I recommend it to anyone looking to make major changes in their life; towards more peace, prosperity, and purpose. Ashley’s energy is deeply intellectual and stimulating to those who are a match for it. Her intuition is the stuff of Legends. In another life she would have been a renowned Oracle or a Shaman for a tribal society. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with her. Her work is an investment with MANY returns.”

Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Hypnotist,
Teal Swan Certified Completion Process Practitioner.

“Ever since my personal awakening on 11/11/2011, Ashley has illuminated the 10,000 things in my perspective. Ashley has encouraged me to become okay with utilizing and refining my Human capacity to let go of all that does not serve me. All of the ideas that Ashley has shared have ever since been relevant to my lifestyle. What I love about Ashley’s service and insight is the practical spirituality that is focused during the time I got to work with her and the new line of focus tools available. Ashley is genuinely sincere and it is very clear to me that her work ignites a fire in her heart that highlights her determination to see our planet flourishing, one Human angel at a time.”


Go for it! This course is life-changing, it’s an investment for your quality of life! It will help you remove the blocks so you can become more yourself!
I wanted to know more about the chakras but I got much more than that!
I came out of my victim mentality, I understand myself better now, I am actively working on changing myself. The material helped me identify my weaknesses and localize them in the chakras, so I know what to work on. I can see my character getting better and myself getting more empowered and aligned to my own truth.

Ilaria Menapace
Empower the Chakras Student

“Loved Ashley’s course! It gives you the opportunity to explore each one of your chakras and uncover your patterns & old stories.

I learned a lot about myself but most of all, I really had to take the time to process all of this instead of rushing & moving too fast as usual!

Thank you Ashley for your enthusiasm, your knowledge and for bringing this awesome course to life.”


AUDREY BGT | Soul Revealer & Empowerment Coach 

Soul-Driven Life


The Soul-Aligned Manifesting Circle is more than a simple Manifestation Program,
It’s designed to teach you sustainable manifestation habits
so you can make Manifesting a way of Life for yourself.

This is a program that focuses on understanding how the Mind-body Connection
influences your Manifesting and Receiving Potential
so you can learn how to create sustainable results built
from a solid energetic foundation.


You Receive:

8 Core Content Modules built around the 12-week program
official Soul Work:  Audio Energy Clearings, meditations, Workbooks with Prompts & Guides to help
Bonus: Empower the Chakras online Course

Bonus: SIX 90 min Group Coaching Calls

Bonus: Support Hub Membership Community space on Mighty networks

The above content is featured on your own personal membership portal which
you receive immediately upon sign up.

Each Module is distributed weekly so you have plenty of integration time per each module.
While every Supportive Coaching call is Bi-weekly.

(If you already purchased Empower the chakras you receive $150 OFF discount, located in your portal.)

Get Instant Access to the 8 Core Modules + 6 Coaching Calls + Soul Work + Bonuses:



This Program is also Accessible with Two Payment Plan Options below.

(This has a credit card fee with stripe)


Hi! My name is Ashley Aliff, I’m the creator behind I am an Empowerment Coach & Manifestation Teacher specializing in  Mindset work, Emotional empowerment, subconscious reprogramming, manifestation and naturally kundalini awakening. I am also known as the Chakra Queen as the psychological roots of the chakras are part of my original foundation for Mind-body healing work.

After mentoring & studying on these topics for over 11 years, I understand the practical & energetic side of the Spiritual World. I have Healed & manifested incredible things through understanding Manifestation & Mind-body Emotional Healing. I know that when you begin to change your Internal State Amazing things can begin to happen in your reality.

Through understanding the chakras, I have healed many issues in my life ranging from removing lack mindset, healing mother wounds, attracting beautiful unconditional love in my life, financial security, amazing health, Strengthening my Intuition, Self-belief & improving my Consistency towards goals. Just to name a few, Healing my Heart Chakra set me on the course to Spiritual Awakening, while healing my emotional relationship with myself & how I viewed love as a whole. Over the years, I have transitioned these studies into learning more about healing with the mind-body connection, Understanding subconscious programming & learning how we manifest from sustainable energy of Habit Creation. Part of what I teach my clients is how to properly diagnosis their Energy so they can learn how to heal themselves from the inside out and Shift back into Alignment in their daily lives.

I can teach you to shift energy, step into emotional empowerment, unlock your desires, nourish soul, activate your gifts and learn to heal your wounding that
is keeping you stuck in negative inducing stories that are out of alignment with who you truly are.

In my experience, once we begin to Shift the internal Energetics, we naturally expand our capacity to receive in life,
raising our standards and boundaries across all areas. This is what it means to begin living a Soul-aligned Life.

If you’ve ever been someone who feels powerless over your energy, you feel overwhelmed due to your hypersensitivity, I completely understand! I was there too, but I also know we carry immense power to transform our lives from the inside out. It starts with you and your energy.

I am here to show you what is possible.



What If I’m a newbie or beginner to all of this, can I still take this information and apply it to my life, Or will it just overwhelm me?

Then you are in the right place! I have broken down this course so that even if you’re new, the first three modules cover our foundation of Manifestation & Energetic principles.

One of my specialties is breaking down ‘woo woo’ concepts and making them easy to understand. I teach in a very grounded way, I understand the practical and spiritual approach deeply.

The rest of the modules are where we do the dive deep that goes into how to apply manifestation to your life. So immediately you have the right foundation to start, regardless if you’re a beginner, new to these concepts, or advanced.

When does the Course start officially? 

The Spring Round of the Soul Circle 2021 starts officially on May 17th while module 1 and the pre-work will be immediately accessible.

What if I cannot make the Live Coaching Calls? 

All calls are recorded and you will have full access to the replay download.  I will post them in a section on the online platform for easy access.

What if I don’t have time to start the course now? 

You have exclusive access to my membership site, where you will sign up & receive a training module with the soul work each week. The course is self-paced, so you can start when you ready and listen to your intuition throughout the process if you need to go slower. Some students like to invest time in the chakra work, others like to go through the 8 module core content then go back and do the chakras, it is truly up to you.

Plus you own lifetime access so you’re always welcome to go through the course as many times as you need for a manifesting refresher!

What can I expect from this course? 

My Intention for you is to have Divine loving Support, guidance, and have a Hands-on Approach to start applying what you’ve learned throughout our journey together. Along with the practical tools & processes to start creating an amazingly healthy life by mastering your energy body & working with the Manifestation principles. My deepest intention for you is to use these powerful principles to heal your misalignment, step into creating a life that you truly love by learning how to master manifestation & create emotional empowerment.

Are you offering a payment plan? 

Yes absolutely! At the Awakened State we believe in true accessibility to all. There are 2 different payment plans to suit your needs.  You will find all of my payment options above the main button link.

Can you guarantee results? 

Like I say for all programs, if you put in the work, you are bound to see results. However This course has a lot of material and tools, it is not a passive course. If you’re ready for change, you’re willing to show up for the process, and apply the soul work, start working the principles, you will inevitably see a shift. This course works on your energy body, we will be working on healing the mind-body connection, busting through limited beliefs and using it with manifestation skills.

In my personal experience, when you begin changing your energy, you inevitably begin changing your life. If you’re ready for that & willing to do the soul work, then let’s get started!

Disclaimer: This is a powerful program and I deeply believe in the principles in it. The success stories on this page are from real live people who have worked with me through this program and got incredible results. According to my attorney, I need to make sure I always say this to you: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

Are Refunds Available? 

Since this is immediate instant access to downloadable content, audios & Lesson Material, there will be no refunds for this class.

Refund Exception: Although our policy is no refunds on digital products, I want to ensure that you have a chance to review my teaching style in case you are new here.
So, if after reviewing your course content, you feel this is not for you, please email us within 48 hours of your purchase and we will process your refund.

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