How to Get Present & Anchor into the Unfolding

How are the Eclipse/Retrograde vibes treating ya? It has been breakthrough after breakthrough for me lately lol – lots of emotions, lots of clarity,  tons of new energy coming in with paradigm quality shifts – soo good. 

I recently did an exercise in a mastermind I’m in, where we focused on ‘what would you do for the sake of doing it, if you removed all outcome-based goals and surrendered fully to doing things for the sake of simply loving to do them without getting the outcome you desired” – After this exercise, I felt like a piece of my soul returned home and remembered something I was neglecting, the fun, mayhem and spontaneous nature of who I am. 

Who are you beyond the goals, outcomes, growth, and chasing – Are you stepping in fully to the journey of you in the now? 

I think we can limit ourselves without even realizing it because we’re either future tripping or as we get older we start to lose pieces of our identity that used to truly light us up and bring us to that magical place in our minds. 

For example,  I absolutely LOVE reading fantasy novels, but because I’m a learning addict I completely forgot I enjoyed them or I make excuses not to stop and read. As a writer – this is part of what grows my inspiration because I’ve been a lit nerd since I was prob 14-15 or earlier even. It gives me visions.

Maybe you can relate to this in some way, what is something you used to LOVE doing – but you simply stopped, forgot about it, or just made excuses on what is qualified as “more important” now? 

Or maybe and this is something to really think about what do you LOVE to do or have fun doing that you’re substituting out with social media scrolling?! 

Things to ponder on…

Like who are you beyond all the noise of who told you, who to be? 

well this was an interesting tangent that needed to be expressed lol anywho,

Regardless, it was an interesting & slightly eye-opening conversation that inspired today’s video. 

This leads me into saying: 

It’s mercury retrograde, it’s a time to step back and witness the unfolding. Be more present & anchor into YOU.

Do you embrace the Journey and stabilize your energy through your present awareness?

Do you give yourself what you need in between the seeking?

Self-care is one thing, but I invite you to take it one step further – do you give yourself what you truly need, and do you communicate those needs in your relationships?

I used to say Self-care over service and I still very much stand by that statement. You cannot give from an empty cup but beyond that, how do you fully expect to give or even receive more, when you are not giving that back to yourself?

When you give yourself what you need, you are replenishing that back out into the world around you, through you.

In today’s video, I want to take a different spin on two concepts: Being in the Present moment of the journey and Giving yourself Your own Personal Dose of Emotional Fulfillment.

Be in the full alignment and expansion of you – Do you make time for what lights you up inside?

Do you make time for what brings you absolute pleasure?

What I need will be given to me, but am I giving it back to myself?

Here’s your mantra to take with you:
What I need will be given to me, But I choose to Give it back to myself.
When I give myself what I need, everything around me naturally replenishes.
What I need Is given to me, but what I give to myself, I give back to the world

Let me know how this topic lands for you by sharing your thoughts in the comments.

love ya

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