How to Start Your New Year with Motivation & Clarity to Move Forward

Happy New Year Friends! It’s a new year, a new decade and everywhere I turn around there is talk on Intentions, Vision, and Goal Setting as if we’re supposed to have it all together by January 1st. Yeah right…

However, what I really want to talk about is why do most of us after setting resolutions have a terrible time Following-through? You know what I’m talking about, we have low motivation, we feel stuck, overwhelmed, indecisive or maybe even experiencing some information overload where everyone around you seems to be on ‘go mode’ and you feel like you need to play catch up with yourself.

The truth no one really has it all together but what they do have is more than likely clarity, determination and a motivation to move forward.

At the end of the year and into the start of the new year there are usually a few things I always do as rituals for the New Year.


I Reflect & Detach to see my bird’s eye overview of the entire previous year.

Let’s talk for a minute about the Power of Reflection.

Reflection allows us to step more into the Observer consciousness and really see our strengths and weaknesses over the entire year. When we take a minute to really reflect we can gain so much insight on where we deeply desire to grow and expand into next.

Most importantly, when we take the time to honor a sacred pause to reflect we begin to Create Space for the new Vision to Emerge.


The start of a fresh year is the perfect time to declutter and release what is no longer working. Especially After the Holidays where we suddenly have a bunch of new things, it may be time to weed out some of the material possessions or clear up the inbox of things we’re no longer needing in our life.

As we begin to create space, this is an excellent time to declutter and clear our head. When we Declutter we’re releasing stagnant energy that is holding us back. It is time to let go of the old cycle and embrace the new!

Begin to Look at the areas of your life that need decluttering: 

– Your Relationships
– Your Inbox
– Your Computer
– Your Closet 
– Your Living Space 
– Your Personal Development
– Spiritual Development


However this year I actually fell behind and learned a lot about myself in the process. Chances are if you’re still feeling a bit in holiday mode or having a slow start to the New Year you’re not alone. And it’s perfectly okay!

so how do you get your Motivation and Inspiration back if you’re feeling a slow start to the year ahead? 

Often times we can set resolutions and immediately fall back into our old habits because we’re not allowing ourselves to Start the momentum again.

You have to jumpstart the MOMENTUM
And start creating a new wave. 

We often lose our motivation and inspiration because we’re in a state of INACTION, a state of stagnant energy, Its hard to feel inspired when you’re caught up in your head about things, am I right? 

But here’s the thing that happens when we really set those intentions and resolutions, we never establish clarity and actively Claim our desires.

In my experience, if you’re not checking in with your heart first? And literally slowing down to check in with how you feel? It will be very difficult to access the level of clarity to move your forward and take action on your goals & Intentions you have for 2020. 

When we take a minute to Dig into the Feeling and the sacred WHY behind why we desire it, we start to cultivate a momentum of energy. 

And when we’re clear on our WHY, 

We suddenly have the strength to take new action, 

develop new habits, 

trim and reorganize our routine, 

some people will say, Goals are the problem and that it promotes a lack of worthiness in us. 

but honestly, I don’t think its the goals that are the problem, I think its the Energy behind the goals. 

I explain deeper in the video below.

In today’s vlog I share why when we manifest or set intentions, we may have a hard time following through. Here are my tips on how to gain your motivation and clarity back so you can jumpstart the momentum for your own personal goals & Intentions.

As I mentioned in the Video, I start reconnecting back to how I deeply desire to feel, What I desire to create in my life this year & begin developing a Soul-Aligned game plan that honors both my feminine self and masculine self.

Try it out for yourself!


Finally after getting clear, start reconnecting back to your desires and vision for the year ahead. I do this through my favorite process of Soul Mapping my Intentions and how I desire to feel. This is my favorite ritual!

I take time to honor both the masculine and the feminine goals. This way we carve out our desires with some power questions and a few extra energy tools to help your energy get charged up for the new year.

This means not only setting Intentions but start creating an Aligned Action Plan that Nourishes both your Soul and your desires!

If you’d love to try out this soul ritual with me this year.

Download the divinely aligned 2020 workbook below located in the Awakening Library:

What are your thoughts going into the New Year 2020? What do you do to help with following through & getting back into motivation? What was your experience like with the Divinely Aligned workbook?

Share with me below your thoughts.

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